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Corporate / Wellbeing / Creativity / Performance Techniques

Improv is not just for the performer, it is a way of being, a state of mind that allows people to feel accepted, to accept others and build together. I believe it builds empathy, creativity and helps us learn to trust ourselves.

Mindfulness techniques, help calm the body and the mind, giving space to look at ourselves, our situations and each other.

Creative Arts techniques promotes confidence, leadership skills and the ability to use our voice, to voice our feelings and to speak up in public.

Theatre of the Oppressed

I use techniques from Forum Theatre and Rainbow of Desire, to provoke debate through doing and not just verbally. This is a particular good workshop for people feeling oppressed, or interested in finding out what is holding them back. Good for team working, for groups facing life challenges such as addictions, and very good for communities coping with outside challenges/oppressions.


Corporate Workshops – together with Dogface Improv we look at listening and communication, leadership and trust, innovation and creativity, emotional intelligence (EQ) and mindfulness.


I have a vast experience working with people living with challenges such as addictions, anxiety, chronic illness and mental health illness. I always aim to create a safe, and supportive environment where we use games and exercises to

One-off workshops, or classes can be tailored specifically for participants, with the aim to improving their emotional and mental wellbeing. We focus on connecting with others, making new friends, trying new things and having a lot of laughs together.

You can see my improv for wellbeing workshops here 

Performance Techniques

I can run workshops for children and adults looking at element of stage craft such as

Characterisation – how to access characters, develop characters, enjoy characters.

Voice and Breath – using the breath to project our voice and be more at ease when speaking in public.

Acting & Reacting – How to be natural within your character, respond to the script, looking for the action to find more depth.

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