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Danny is a very organised and trusted D.S.M, an asset to any production” Rik Warren, Director. Great Yarmouth Regional Theatre, St Georges – Wizard of Oz Panto run 2018

Need someone that can manage people, schedules, crew, and cast whilst supporting the Director to bring their vision alive?


I am very experienced in producing live theatre and can bring a sense of calm to a team whilst nurturing an atmosphere of creativity and can-do.  


I am very experienced working with multiple agencies, venues and stakeholders. I work with venues across the country, have experience with contracts/casting and HR and am excellent at juggling tasks and communicating to the team, however big.

I have Core Safeguarding and regular produce productions with mixed age casts.

I have experience managing a budget up to £250,000.

No project too small, I am particularly passionate about community, inclusive projects, new works and working with independent artists.

I am currently working with Louise Orwin & Co as her Participation Officer. 

International Creative Lab

I have produced live theatre for 10 years throughout Norfolk.

During 2020 I have been producing an international arts project, online. The International Creative Lab involves 14 artists across the globe, and a production team of 6, all of us working from home.

Using Zoom, YouTube, Twitch, Facebook alongside, I have coordinated over 21 virtual meetings across geographical borders. Follow the links to see the exchanges so far:

  • YouTube
  • Instagram
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2023-24              Producer:                 The Haunted Tour          Touring a 2 hander throughout the UK & for a full run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

2022                    Producer:                 The Ghosthunter's Mark, written by Stephen Keyworth, Dalegate Market. An outside promenade theatrical experience.

2021                    Producer:                 The Wild Ride, written by Stephen Keyworth, Dalegate Market.     An outside promenade theatrical experience for 750 attendees.            

2020 - 2021.       Producer/Artist:     International Creative Lab -Slow Theatre Company.   Online: Brazil, Nicaragua, Greece, Hong Kong, Germany, Austria

2020 - 2021.       Producer.:               Atlantica - a virtual culture exchange between artists in Nicaragua and Norwich, UK.  Slow Theatre Company &The Norfolk & Norwich El Viejo Friendship Link


2017 -                 Producer/Performer: Bendy House Improv - Edinburgh Fringe Festiva


2019 -                 Participation Officer:  Louise Orwin & Co. 

2011 - 2019.       Producer: The Spirit of The Place - Slow Theatre Company. An outside,  large-scale community promenade theatrical happening involving multi agencies and communities within the area. 


2018.                   Deputy Stage Manager: Wizard of Oz Panto. Director Rik Warren St Georges Theatre Great Yarmouth


2016 - 2017.       Producer: I'm Here - Slow Theatre Company. A one-year multi arts project with people who live with dementia and their carers resulting in several different artistic content. 


2015 - 2016.       Producer:  Blackout - Slow Theatre Company Youth Group. The Garage, Norwich


2015 - 2016.       Producer: The Earth We Tread - Slow Theatre Company, A one-year arts projects resulting in a large scale, outside promenade theatrical happening in The ruins of St Michael's Church, Bowthorpe, Norwich West


2014 - 2015.       Producer : What are they like? -Slow Theatre Company

2012 - 2013.       Producer: The Grandfathers - Slow Theatre Company

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