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The doll who came to tea. 

Co-authored by Toby Aylett, Louise Delaluz & Eire O’Halloran and adapted by D.O'Hara

Unlimited Productions


Shows 2021:

Guildford Fringe/The Starr Inn July 6th,

Eastbourne/The Printers Playhouse July 24th

Camden Fringe/Camden's People Theatre - August 11th/12th/13th


Rehearsal virtually through zoom, during 2020

Opened at Brighton Fringe 2021 before a national tour and a 4-week run at the Edinburgh Fringe 2021.

Alice is a complex human trying to deal with child abuse-related trauma which she has lived with for 40 years, whilst living with voices and alcohol.

As the day progresses, she unleashes the contents of her ‘box’ that she has kept locked all these years.

Today, she is determined to address this once and for all in a more healthy way and look forward to being at peace with who she is and embracing the rest of her life

I am an experienced Director specialising in devising new work, and large-scale outside promenade pieces, in non-traditional theatre spaces, where professional actors and members of the community perform together.  


My practice starts with a response to the piece both physically and through the script.  I use research, discussion, improv and physical exercises in the rehearsal room whilst inviting a feeling of collaboration, exploration and excitement. I like to experiment with art forms and will regularly look at how else we can let the piece evolve. I enjoying bringing multi-media and technology into live theatre.

I enjoy challenging an audiences senses and love immersive happenings pulling in from all art forms such as film/video/sound/music/dance/movement/performance art/visual arts/circus and spoken word.  

I have directed Youth Theatre for 10 years, including for the NT Connections Festival five times and for Latitude Musical Festival. 

I am available for short and long runs, professional and non-professional pieces, youth and children theatre projects.

2023 /24             Director/Artist       The Haunted on tour - with Stories by S.Keworth, Camden & Edinburgh Fringe 2023, now touring nationally. 

2022                    Director                  The Ghost-hunter's Mark - written by Stephen Keyworth - Dalegate Market - An outside promenade theatrical happening. 


2021                    Director:                 Snow White, Diss Corn Hall, GD Creatives

2021                    Director:                  The Wild Ride, written by Stephen Keyworth - Dalegate Market - An outside promenade theatrical happening for 750 attendees.

2020 -                  Director:                 The Doll that came to tea - Unfiltered Productions - Brighton Fringe 2021

2020 - 2021.       Producer/Artist:     International Creative Lab -Slow Theatre Company.   Online: Brazil, Nicaragua, Greece, Hong Kong, Germany, Austria


2017 -                 Director/Performer: Bendy House Improv - Edinburgh Fringe Festival

2019                    Director:                  Alternative Lowerstoft - Marina Theatre, Lowerstoft - an outside promenade piece.


2019 -                  Participation Officer:  Louise Orwin & Co. 

2011 - 2019.       Director:                    The Spirit of The Place - Slow Theatre Company. An outside promenade theatrical happening through two large housing blocks in inner Norwich city.


2016 - 2017.       Director:                      I'm Here - Slow Theatre Company - A devised one-woman theatre monologue.


2015 - 2016.       Director:                      Blackout - Slow Theatre Company Youth Group. The Garage, Norwich


2015 - 2016.       Director:                      The Earth We Tread - Slow Theatre Company. A promenade theatrical happening through ruins of St Michael's Church, Bowthorpe, Norwich West


2014 - 2015.       Director:                      What are they like? -Slow Theatre Company

2012 - 2013.       Director:                      The Grandfathers - Slow Theatre Company


2010 - 2011.       Director:                      Bassett - Wymondham High Youth Theatre - The Garage, Norwich

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