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I fell in love with improv in 2014 and haven’t looked back since.

I perform with the Improv Duo Bendy House, the Dogface Harold Team and the Dogface Allstars, a short-form troupe. I also direct/perform with the trio, Dangerous Minds, and the ensemble The Guest.

Bendy House have completed three 14 day runs at the Edinburgh Festival, and we aim to return for a two week run in 2021. Bendy House performed throughout the Uk, at the International Copenhagen Improv Festival 2019, IO Chicago and at Second City, Chicago. 

Get in touch if you want us to come and perform or coach.

I am a Dogface Improv senior coach, teaching improv, improv workshops and using improv in my wellbeing work. Dogface Improv run workshops, classes and drop ins, as well as perform and hold jams, see more here:

I have recently finished performing in a non-improvised, scripted web series called You Know Carol, written by James Stedman and directed by RIchard McNally. You can find all 8 episodes on YouTube.


  • Character – how do we find character with just ourselves – the choices are endless.

  • What’s your go-to? – How do we stride to push ourselves out of our safe zone?

  • Duo’s – what can happen when there’s only two of us on stage? A great one for all those looking to work in a duo, or those wanting to gain more from their two person scenes.


Where I have been inspired and continue to learn from:


I have trained with IO Chicago, Second City – Angel Comedy London, The Free Association, London, The Nursery and Dogface Improv.

I have been coached, directed and inspired by Tara Defrancisco, from the Music Improv Duo Here, Brian Jack, from LA and Chicago IO, and part of Deep Schwa, Craig Uhlir, IO instructor and part of Deep Schwa, Farrell Walsh, IO instructor and part of Revolver, and Jessica Rogers, from IO and Second City. Tim Soszko and Micah Philbrook from the The Tim and Micah Project, IO Chicago and Second City, Jules Munns, The Nursery and The Maydays. Liz Peters, The Maydays, Graham Dickson and Jon Broke at The Free Association, London. Gretchen Eng and James Dugan from Devils Daughter and Jonathan Pitts. 

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